Casinos, Hotels and Food in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is always amazing and gorgeous, so I think this Las Vegas tour would be interesting and unforgettable, actually it is. I visit this city for three things: sleepless casinos, luxurious hotels and savory food. So let me experience a real Sin City.

Sleepless casinos. Gambling is a pillar industry in this desert city. People all over the world know this city due to its sleepless and sumptuous casinos. You can find penny slots everywhere and high-stakes table games in large-scale casinos. Tourists can go gambling every day and night. May be everyone has a dream to become a millionaire overnight. So millions of people come here to visit this miraculous city. As I am not a gambler, I didn’t spend a penny gambling here. But I was taken in to visit this fascinating place.

Luxurious hotels. Besides its famous casinos, it is also known for the luxurious life. I lived in the MGM Grand and experienced perfect accommodation there. My suites were on the 30th floor in tower one, which has the Starbucks. My room was quiet, clean and comfortable. It said that there were no negative comments at all, actually I could not give them negative comment, either. I liked the huge bathroom that is designed with separate shower and WC. There are lots of space in the main suit. Moreover, there were so many equipments, including crockery, cutlery, fridge, sink and a great wet bar with microwave. Though I only could stay for a short period of time, I wish I could lived for a lifetime. It was such a fantastic place.

Savory food. As a world-famous tourism city, savory food is very important. In Las Vegas, you can eat whatever you like. I ate my dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse. As I have visited this chain one time in California, I think it would be delicious too. Actually, this restaurant in Las Vegas didn’t disappoint me. It offers several kinds of their own beer and other fine beers, but I finally chose Belgians, my favorite beer. I found that its pizza was much delicious than that in California.