Gambling Problem Or Investing Rollercoaster

Gambling is a problem that has been interpreted or misinterpreted all over the world either since the beginning of time, or just when man kind invented the casino. that answer is something that i can not give you. But my perspective is that i don’t think it was a problem until casino’s where born. Everything in life is a gamble, from taking on a new job that can go bankrupt in a few months, what school to put your child in for the best education, or which auto maker will produce the best car to drive that will get you from A to B the longest with the least expenses. and the list goes on and on.

Money has been known as the root of all evil,but yet unless you live and hunt for a living in the woods inside of a tepee or something, you need money to get you through your life long expenses, either through the poor aspect, or the wealthy aspect, cash money is the number one care taker of all humanity. Casino gambling is the quickest way to either getting caught up on your bills and living good, or it can be the quickest way to fall deeper into the whole that you are in. When you go down there, in most options that are available once you enter the casino, the odds are against you the moment you walk in the door.

Just in case you don’t know, casino’s aren’t in business to help you, there in business to help themselves.
when you get your check on Friday they what you to come to them and give them your hard earned check. But not just that one time, they want you do do it over and over again as long as you got that income coming in. And so that you fill comfortable doing so they are willing to make there machines and tables as fun and exiting as possible so that you can say even though I lost all of my hard earned money, I had the most exiting time of my life. And if your one of those people that do so, your going to keep the casino’s in business for a long time, especially if you tell it and teach it to the soon to be eligible youth that are curious any way.

Gambling is a drug, you don’t snort it, sniff it, or inject it with a needle. Just go in, sit at a table, or sit at a slot and play, the spirits within will do the rest. coulda, woulda, shoulda, will take affect, one card or one turn away will take affect. and when you leave out broke. you will be back tomorrow with twice as much if you can with the thought that if I had twice as much yesterday when I was there, I would have hit that jackpot and wouldn’t have to go to work for weeks or even quit. That’s when you become no better than the crackhead that you just laughed at in the streets.